Existential Happy Hour: Ep. 027

The Cryptonaturalist w/ Jarod K. Anderson

In this episode I talk with Jarrod K. Anderson about nature, death, and the universe. Jarrod is a storyteller, poet, and creator of the wildly popular nature podcast The Cryptonaturalist.

I found Jarrod through his online poems and his book Field Guide to the Haunted Forest (which is worth purchasing for the title alone.) The language he uses to make meaning in a meaningless universe resonates deeply with me. I consider him a kindred soul.

In this winding conversation we talk about creativity, being raised agnostic, approaching the Bible through the lenses of literature / trauma,  human brains, contemplating death, the afterlife and eternity, human tribalism, the mysteries of interstellar consciousness, the biological function of cleverness, learning to live with depression, finding community outside religion, and learning to be quiet with the trees.

Jarod on Twitter: @JarodAnderson + @CryptoNature
Jarod on Instagram@Cryptonaturalist
Jarod’s Website: jarodkanderson.com
Jarod’s Podcast: The Cryptonaturalist
Jarod’s Book: Field Guide to the Haunted Forest


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