Existential Happy Hour: Ep. 024

Deconstruction Therapy w/ Emily Maynard

I catch up with my friend Emily Maynard, a fellow surviver of religious bullshit who is now working to help other people live free and meaningful lives.

We talk about growing up in American fundamentalism and purity culture, why therapy matters, what we mean when we talk about God, and the everlasting bullshit of the Gospel Coalition, and why people are leaving toxic Churches. We also talk about how to have support as you move through deconstructing beliefs, how to talk to family when your family doesn’t understand, and whether or not forgiveness is a good idea.

Emily Maynard is a California Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist No.115384, supervised by Emily Celis, LMFT and employed at S.A.G.E. Holistic Health and Wellness Center. Emily works with religious trauma survivors and people healing from spiritual abuse or difficult faith transitions.

Emily on Instagram: @emilymaynard_thx
Emily on the Web: emilymaynardtherapy.com

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