Existential Happy Hour: Ep. 018

Wholiness (A Sonic Event) w/ Josh Zak aka New Tycoon

In this episode we sit down with Josh Zak (aka New Tycoon) to talk about growing up fundamentalist, losing faith, and finding mystery.

We also listen to a few tracks from his absolutely wonderful album “Wholiness”, an exploration of shifting belief. This is how Josh describes it:

“Wholiness is the acceptance of a long denied truth. It’s a sorrowful and jubilant exclamation, sent back in time. It’s the margins of my Bible, finally full of notes. It’s compassionate heresy, joyful blasphemy, and peaceful apostasy. It’s the rehabilitation of an emaciated spirituality.

My wish for Wholiness is that you find something within that has nothing to do with faith.

I hope you see my humanity. I hope you see your own.

I hope you feel free.”


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Josh’s Podcast: At Home In Our Hearts

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