Existential Happy Hour: Ep. 017

What is Process Theology? w/ Mason Mennenga

Mason Mennenga is a podcaster, theologian, internet troll extraordinaire, and a fellow seminarian with me at United Theological Seminary.

In this episode we start with a few jokes about The Office and the Enneagram, followed by a brief but serious discussion about The Office as a meta-myth with religious potential. Then we turn to the topic of Process Theology for a lengthy exploration of this fascinating metaphysical system for thinking about God, the World, and Creativity.

We cover topics of creation, suffering, God’s relationship with the world, my understanding of god as an uncaring but beautiful ocean, and what will happen to consciousness when humanity is inevitably replaced by artificial intelligence or annihilated by our ever-expanding sun.

Mason’s Website:  https://masonmennenga.com
Mason on Twitter:  @masonmennenga
Mason on Instagram:  @masonmennenga
Mason on YouTube:  youtube.com/masonmennenga

into the void i commit my spirit.